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Ryan SamueŁ x Bien x Ms Banks

🎶🌿 Dive into the electrifying world of Kenyan music with Ryan SamueŁ's sensational remix of Bien's hit track "Sex and Marijuana," featuring the fiery verses of UK's own Ms Banks! 🔥 Experience the fusion of East African beats and international flair like never before!

🔹 Witness the magic as Ryan SamueŁ puts his unique spin on this iconic tune, adding his own vibrant colors to the canvas of Kenyan music. 🎨

🌟 And guess what? The legendary Bien himself stumbled upon Ryan's remix on Instagram and couldn't resist but to co-sign it, joining forces in a groundbreaking collaboration on the gram! 📸 Don't miss out on this epic moment in the making!

👉 Hit that download button and sign up as a VOE to stay tuned for more mind-blowing remixes and collaborations from Ryan SamueŁ! Let's take the world by storm, one beat at a time! 💫

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